UPDATE: AvyLab Will Be Back This Season!

Hello Friends,

Exciting news here at Avalanche Lab. We have selected a partner Broadway Lab out of Austin, Tx to help us with our upgrades to the AvyLab app. We are scheduled to have the app back in the app store and live EARLY THIS SEASON. Please look into signing up too support our mission and show some love!

Please look for the AvyLab in the app store soon!

RFP for the Next Generation of Avy Lab App

Avalanche Lab is opening up an RFP (Request For Proposal), in hopes of getting bids and selecting a contractor to help with the makeover/upgrade of the Avy Lab app. If you are interested in bidding, or if you are a programmer and want to volunteer, please reach out to us: info@avalanchelab.org. We hope to get the app live for testing this season! See you in the B/C!

Avalanche Lab App Project:

Avalanche Lab in schools, one step closer!

Avalanche lab will be pitching the Jefferson County school district about integrating avalanche curriculum, especially targeting low socioeconomic students! We think that providing avalanche education to all students in the state of Colorado is not just common sense, but could be life saving in addition to informative about the natural hazards in our state. We look forward to updating you about the exciting progress in our mission!

Avalanche Lab in schools?

Avalanche lab just finished work with a Jefferson County school teacher on a proposal to integrate avalanche awareness and even AIARE avalanche education into schools in Colorado. We will provide further updates as things progress. But this would be a huge step towards bringing avalanche education to the public on a whole new level, bringing up the next generation of backcountry users with more advanced skills then most users have today!

Welcome to Avalanche Lab.org


AvalancheLab.org has a new website!

The new website houses the projects and activities of this not-for-profit arm of Avalanche Lab. The goal of this website is to promote the creation and adoption of the FREE version of AvyLab™,  an app to collect snow data and field observations in support of avalanche awareness and education.

We believe that by combining quality decision-making tools and putting them in the hands of users, we can begin to create a backcountry community of awareness and sharing that benefits everyone.