Crowdfunding Upgrades

Please help us to upgrade Avalanche Lab in time for next season!

The goal of this campaign is to get avalanche lab, a vital tool for backcountry safety, upgraded (specifically iOS 11), back into the hands of recreationalists and snow pro’s world wide. In addition we hope to raise enough funds to launch a new Android and Web Platform ASAP. This would expand our mission and allow us to impact more recreationalists and ensure the access to FREE avalanche safety apps world wide.

With the upgrade to iOS 11 we hit a snag. Avalanche Lab iOS is a 32 bit app, and to get it transformed into the new 64 bit format will be $10-20K according to various estimates.

With price estimates like that, it is almost easier to get a new avalanche lab mobile friendly web platform created so we can impact more users ASAP. Estimates for a web platform are $10-15k. Estimates for an Android app if redesigned with an iOS are an additional $10-15k.

When we raise these the $50,000 we are crowdfunding, we can get all platforms live in time for next season.
IF not, I will prioritize getting the existing iOS live for iOS 11. Then a web platform and then finally the new android OS.

Also if you would like to donate time or development assistance we would also gladly accept that as well.

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