Why is Avalanche Lab Needed?

What need do we fill and How do we fill it?

Avalanche Lab will be the only known organization specifically targeting the integration of avalanche education into the public school system. We intend to help act as an intermediary to ensure the schools success and scaleability at any level, as to achieve the biggest impact possible.

Needs we see:

  • In classroom avalanche awareness
  • Ability for the public school track to provide a pathway to advanced avalanche education though partnerships
  • We innovate and promote the new advancements in technology, in order to formulate and promote best practices, to improve safety in the backcountry community.

Who Benefits?

In addition to that, we will provide benefits to almost every demographic of people, but we would like top focus on equipping low socio-economic and urban youth, as the low price barrier can make backcountry recreation more approachable. Through targeting the youth, we can also impact their parents, and the broader community as a whole.

Who do you serve and how many impacted?

We are primarily targeting youth through classroom education, but our technologies and best practices will impact all members of the backcountry recreation community. Through strategic analysis and sustainable planning, we can make sure that we are focusing our efforts in the areas that create the largest impacts for the community as a whole.

What services do we provide? How do these products meet the needs of the populations we are trying to affect?

  • KBYG (Know Before You Go) avalanche awareness training, tailored to the needs of the client, community, or needs of the individual.
  • AIARE Avalanche Courses with custom Avalanche Lab content and technology integration.

How does Avalanche Lab’s success impact the community?

When Avalanche Lab successfully educates an individual through a KBYG or AIARE program, we achieve between a 30-50% risk reduction for the individual.  *Cite
This is why it is so important to have all individuals who live in colorado to have “informed consent” when entering the mountains. Informed consent = avalanche awareness.

Why are we more deserving then others for funding or other resources?

We Recognize that there are many great organizations in the avalanche community that are doing great work. We believe the work Avalanche Lab is doing, stands alone and speaks for its self. We think that our targeted approach will not just ensure the sustainability of the organization, but will benefit the broader backcountry community with updated messaging and public outreach strategies.