Theory of Change

Theory of Change:

If Avalanche Lab supports avalanche education through Technological innovations that provide more data, and advancements in public school curriculum, combined with public outreach; Then we can save laves by empowering people to reduce their own hazard/risk, and save them selves with the empowerment of knowledge.

Key Assumptions:

  1. That through the utilization in advancements in technology in combination with more data points, that we can reduce avalanche fatalities with more “informed consent” and correct decision making frameworks.
  2. That multiple exposures in the public school setting, including the promotion of the a continued educational path, we can further reduce avalanche fatalities by improving “informed consent” among the general public.
  3. By targeting the youth, we can empower future generations, as well as impacting the broader community as a whole, by teaching best practices to the future backcountry users.

Evidence to Support the Assumptions:

“The Role of Training in Recreational Avalanche Accidents”



Unintended Consequences: